Sunday, December 26, 2010

the war is finally over....onward to peace...

About an hour ago a brave and beautiful woman who had fought for over 5 years to beat the beast of Malignant Melanoma finally found her peace. With her husband and family at her side she took her last breath. The long hard fought battle was over and she will now find eternal life and peace with the Lord. She will be united with many lost family members, one of whom is her dad that she lost at age 16. She will truly be missed by so many and the memories we will hold in our hearts forever..

I cannot get that last visit at the James out of my was so late when she finally got out of the doctor's office. The hospital halls were almost empty. We took that long walk together to the door where Buddy would meet us with the car. We interlocked our arms to walk together and she asked me if I would be there for her nursing home when she got old to help her walk...My response was yes and I told her we could laugh together as we would help each other or chase each other with our walkers. We laughed together that night. But I knew in the back of my mind that the visit then was questioning the cancer...the thought at that visit was, had it spread to the spinal fluid.....later to find out it had.

It was a little over a month ago that she attended her son Will's 4th birthday. She was edematous from the steroids, but able to walk with minimal assist. Then on our last family Christmas gathering at mom's....December 11th we were all informed by her that the cancer had truly spread. She broke as she told us...knowing her we all responded with nothing but positive reinforcement...we all believed that she would fight until her last breath and that she did.....sometimes I was tough on her, but
with the diagnosis I could not allow her to get weak. I am sure as great as Buddy is he had many emotional moments with her. I know my mom and sister did. But I could not is always never to allow yourself to be weakended by this beast.

There have been so many that have been so wonderful....meals have been brought to their home, coworkers of Buddy's donated time for him to be with her, babysitters, friends, Buddy's family. fireman, neighbors, even people that don't know them.....I am so glad they were their for them...that is a Godsend. On our side, I am glad I was with her during her surgeries, getting her into doctors, office visits, thanking my husband and daughters for their support, My sister Tammy and her family who is now a great addition back to the family and my brother and sister in law who was there every single day and most nights....They have
been there and been strong. My mom has struggled with this, losing a daughter has to be so very very hard....her prayers have been constant and I know when she was with Aleisha it made her feel safe and blessed.....

We now pray for her everlasting peace...I pray Buddy finds strength and her children grow up to know their mom through all the stories we share with them. They are so small now and have no idea of what their wonderful mom has suffered and I sometimes think that is a blessing --in a way......

For now....PLEASE ......pray for others who suffer from this horrific disease and if you have been diagnosed....let Aleisha set an example as a trooper....come back to this blog and cannot allow the beast to win....because if you even allow it to make you weak it will overcome you...even if it takes you physiologically...never allow it to take your spirit....God Bless and Thank you all..

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  1. Well, she stayed strong and shared one final Christmas with her family. She is now pain free and probably dancing with Jesus!!! Praying for friends and family at this time. Just remember, from here on out every day lived will be one day closer to being with her again. :)