Tuesday, December 21, 2010

were running out of time..

Im sorry I have not posted but it is getting harder to write the words. Aleisha was doing fairly well last week after leaving the hospital. Although she had gone home with hospice and we knew time was moving closer, it seemed as though when she was awake we could still laugh and cry together. She lost the use of her legs due to rapid weakness and one could see it affecting her upper body. She was on heavy doses of anti seizure medications which made her tire easily. Watching this strong willed fighter struggle through this was heart wretching. Buddy has shown his committment and love to his wife in so many ways throughout this battle. He has undying love for this woman and you can see in her eyes that she loves him in return. Their marraige of more than 20 years has been one of great happiness and many wonderful memories. They are and have always been truly committed to one another. Family continues to visit daily and help out with the chores and the children. Friends send meals so that caregivers and loved ones can stay with her. She has so many that truly love this woman and family. Christmas is only 3 days away and the Lord continues to provide her with strength. Today she suffers from more breathing issues and was placed on 0xygen as well as was started on Roxinal to help relax her. She continues to battle through this horrific fight to survive this monster of a disease. She is a
hero far beyond what she will ever know. She is loved and respected more than most people gain in a longer lifetime and as she continues to battle she weakens but not because she has no will to live, but because she truly cannot beat this beast.

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  1. I check the blog every day. Bless her heart, she is a true fighter. Is she aware of what's going on, I mean is her mind still good? Maybe she is holding on to spend one more Christmas with her family. It has to be so hard. Praying for strength and comfort at this time. You are all in my prayers.