Friday, September 24, 2010

The not so good and then there may be some hope!

This past Tuesday was somewhat of a let down after seeing the surgeon. The melanoma lesions in the back are directly behind the aorta which makes them inoperable. Therefore the trip to the Oncologist to discuss the new chemo, Ipilimumab, which is still considered a study drug was on Thursday. That was successful. Next week she is to follow up with scans and a flu shot and the following week she starts one of the 4 infusions (each lasts approx 1 hr) of the new chemo regiemen. That will follow with 3 others over a 3 month period. So we proceed as follows and pray that her strength and God's will halt the growth or eliminate the cancer. Hope and faith are an intricate part of this. It is faith that what comes next will occur with strength for all to handle. Her courage and determination is so strong. However, this beast continues to recur and she is also having issues with IBS which is causing her to get little sleep. She suffers daily with severe abdominal pain. Now that it has finally been diagnosed, we are looking forward to her treatment regimen to include some relief for the pain that is associated with that. We continue to hope for the best. Please keep up the prayers..they can truly move mountains and produce miracles!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

for the good news! update..

Aleisha had a colonoscopy on Friday..with as good as an outcome as we could hope.. there is no sign of cancer in the colon..what does this mean??She can receive the testing drug (chemo) that was introduced this year....although not FDA approved..a study drug ...has proved to be 25% effective.
So another trip later this week to the James Cancer Clinic to discuss starting the drug. Even though the cancer has spread....this is good news....still time to battle this horrific cancer.....onward this courageous woman will go.

Little bad news....we were turned down for a special wish...It is sad..I know that they provide so much for children, which is a blessing....just thought maybe they could give this family a time to remember.....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wishing the news was better...

Almost a month....almost...trying to stay away from the doctor's office...doesn't seem to work...abdominal pain that started about a year ago, got better..then bad now that sometimes it appears to be unbearable. So back to the doctor...saw the Oncologist last Friday and it was suggested that an abdominal scan be repeated. Unfortunately, that has lead to some more undesireable news...the cancer again has spread. Multiple lesions have been found in the back near the spine as well as in her groin area. Is this the reason for the abdominal pain--still unsure...she will ned to follow up with a colonoscopy asap to make sure the cancer has not spread to the colon. If not---the chance to try the new drug on the market--although not FDA approved it has a success rate of 25%...which are more odds than attempting nothing....or there is the Leukine therapy which requires intensive chemo with isolation in the hospital.....the monster is a bastard that continues to stalk and spread...the battle for this young mother will continue and knowing her determination she is not going down without a fight. She is a courageous and strong woman with a will beyond most. She has an intense faith and knows the Lord will carry her through this ...she is truly one determined angel. Please keep up the prayers...they lift her spirit and provide everyone with great strength...