Friday, December 24, 2010

it's Christmas Eve......

Today is Christmas Eve.....It was 2 weeks ago today that we found out that the cancer had spread rapidly in the spinal fluid. The journey has been difficult. Watching her go from a conversationalist to barely being able to talk has taken place. To the entire families' amazement she has fought this long...but that is our Aleisha...always a fighter.....she is barely taking fluids, she remains on the Morphine drip and appear so very fragile and weak. Last night Santa Claus made a surprise appearance at their home. He gently held her weak hand and she smiled as you knew she could hear the children in the background. Buddy had gotten a bottle of champaign to celebrate Christmas (he is awesome..thinks of everything..)and poured her a glass. He spoke to her and told her this was their Christmas toast..she took a small sip and smiled...this woman continues to battle...Im sure it is her wish to be here with her family for as long as she can..Im just wondering if it is to make it to Christmas....whatever the Lord gives long as she is happy and pain free we are thankful.....each day is heartbreaking to see but yet so warming to know she is still with us. In this season of miracles and salvation, we pray that the Lord take this situation and make it as he sees fitting...He does only goodness and
that is what we must continue to see as she remains here on earth with us.
As much as it hurts to see her lying so weak and pale we must remember it is the Lord who makes the decisions...not us. Marry Christmas to all......May God Bless you and keep you safe and Healthy .....

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  1. She has fought a long hard battle, and it's amazing to me that she has been fighting this cancer for so long. I hope that you all will keep writing and sharing things about her. I'm sure her children realize what a wonderful mother they have, but with being so little they may not remember, it will be up to you to keep her spirit with them. Merry Christmas to all of you at this very difficult time!