Saturday, December 11, 2010

The cancer is closing in....

We had made big plans today, to get together and work at Aleisha's house as the chemo was taking quite a toll on her. She has been having episodes of falling and has been using a walker to ambulate for a few weeks. During the last visit to the Oncologist it was noted that the lesion in her brain had grown somewhat and that there was increased swelling noted around the spine. A spinal tap was done and last night Aleisha and Buddy received some bad news. The cancer has spread. It has now invaded the spinal column and the prognosis is extremely poor. In fact, the doctors have discussed the options and have come to the conclusion that they are now out of treatment options. She received her last dose of the Ipe Chemo on Thursday and they will watch, but that medication has not shown to be effective in the spinal area. Therefore little hope has been offered. We have been informed that most of these end stage patients surrender into a coma like state and then pass on.

The work at their home has been put on hold, as living day to day is now the goal. This strong woman has been through a battle that even the toughest would have difficulty fighting and nobody respects her more that I do for the fight she has endured. However it is now time for Hospice to enter the picture and time for us to support this family through the next process of this battle of hell. Everyone deserves dignity and she has shown courage and will throughout all of this. She and her family deserve to be respected with any of their choices as this hell continues to literally take her life. My heart aches for what I see this woman and her family going through. I can only pray that now the good Lord choses to follow and bless her during the rest of this journey. The doctors do not give her much time...not months, just weeks.....but our hope will continue for a miracle until that last breath and even then for peace.

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