Monday, January 17, 2011

Final posting

On December 30th at 9 am the funeral for Aleisha was held. It was one of the most beautiful funerals I had ever witnessed. Buddy made sure that everything she had wanted for her funeral was complete. The beautiful white casket with light pink lining and the bronze handles were gorgeous. The flowers ontop were the red roses she loved. Photos and a video were stories of her life, traveling with Buddy and the births of their 2 sons. She looked beautiful and peaceful and finally at rest. Even though everything was as perfect as one could make it, it just did not seem right that this young, beautiful, love for life woman had passed. It did not feel real. So many wonderful friends (thank you to everyone) visited and offered condolences. The mass at St. Mary's was heartwarming. It was exactly what Aleisha would have wanted. The priest gave a wonderful sermon and although during the mass you hear what is being said, it did not feel real. The cold wind at the cemetery was ruthless. As the priest gave the blessing you just continued to go through the motions. You knew this was it, but why do you feel so empty and lost. Buddy finished the day and held his head high. You could see the sharp pain in his eyes and knew that his body was processing what needed to be done, but his heart was broken. Afterward the group gathered at the church rec room for lunch. It was great to have the support and Buddy brought the boys to see everyone. It was amazing that our entire family was together,after so many years of being apart it took the illness and death of our baby sister, Buddy's wife,to bring us together? Aleisha had done so much in her life she had never known. She was not only a mom, sister, daughter, aunt and friend, but a healer to others, the one that would reconnect the lost family...we will always love her and never forget her. Her battle was long and hard. She did not want to go, but as we all know that is not our choice. She was chosen and as we see her loss and grieve, we must remember that we will see her again. But for now, we must really try to remember how she would want us to live and to treat others and teach her sons. We must remember to be there for Buddy and we need to always be there as family. That is what Aleisha would have wanted and that is what she would have done if it were us. God Bless her....she is in our hearts and memories forever...

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