Friday, November 12, 2010

on to Epi infusion #3!!

Aleisha has now gotten 2 doses of the new "trial" of Epi infusion for Melanoma. The good news is that her LDH has decreased which has been a pattern with the cancer growth decreasing, we will wait and see. however, she has taken several trips to the ER....She had some episodes after the 2nd infusion of falling and forgetfullness...and a CT/MRI was conclusive that the brain was quite swollen. That is apparently common with the chemo, but a concerning factor was that the small frontal lesion has doubled in size. Although it does appear to still be small, growth is never a good thing. She will get her 3rd infusion next week and follow up with the neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist in early December for either gamma knife to the lesion or surgical removal. So now we again wait. We hope and pray the Epi chemo is working (only one more option--Leukine therapy which requires 30 day inpt stay)..Her oldest son, William, turns 4 years old on November 20th. A big Sponge Bob Birthday Party is planned! It will be a wonderful day for this fighting see her son turn 4. Baby Zach will be 2 in we keep plugging along. Looking forward to the holidays this year with the family together. She is still having issues with swelling, GI, and infections but continues to fight. She is a trooper and a hero. Please continue your prayers because the season of miracles is upon us (everyday is a day for miracles...we must remember that) and we continue to be grateful for each and every day.

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  1. Thanks for the update, will keep her in our prayers!!!