Friday, November 19, 2010

a rough evening

Last night was rough......Aleisha has been having some gait issues. She is relying on the assistance of others to walk distances. The swelling has increased due to the increased amounts of steroids and she is more fatigued. Her visit was a follow up with the Radiation Oncologist, but he struck a nerve when he mentioned that his concern was the cancer had spread to the spinal fluid....She has had 3 doses of the Epi--this just cannot happen ...she will need a Spinal tap in order to make the diagnosis. Then onto the next appointment..the Oncologist...after a 2 1/2 hr wait with a tired cancer pt, her husband and a 20 month old. What an ordeal! Only to hear that she looks good and Epi doesn't have a history of being effective on cancer once
it is in the spinal fluid. Then more bad news...the measurable indicator of Epi's effectiveness (the new chemo) is the level of one's LDH. The lower, the better. Last check it was in the low 200's and life looked so good. So not a good night.

After a long night my brother in law took the baby and went to get the car...I took my unsteady sister by the arm and slowly we guided our way down the long hsopital hall ....onward to the front entrance so that she could be retreived by her husband and her now asleep little angel only to drive almost 2 hrs back home. Oh and if that isn't all....their luck has jut not been so great..their less than 4 yr old car blew it's engine 2 days earlier....just another obsticle for this family with a cancer stricken mother to work just doesn't seem to be fair....

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