Monday, October 11, 2010

we got it done!

Thursday Aleisha was released from OSU-FINALLY! after jumping through hoops she finally got the clearance to go to Grant (thank you For postponing her time twice!!)
and get the Epi Infusion (Study Drug)....With the IV steroids she improved with the eye deviation and the confusion. Repeat scans showed another lesion in the brain. However after much discussion it was decided to continue with the administration of the Chemo and plan on another Gamma knife to destroy the lesion in the brain. Unsure at this time if that lesion is the cause of the symptoms that lead to this admission, but ruling out anything else it appears to be. There are still many new lesions behind the stomach and a few in the spine. Our hope is that this new chemo regimen will help to stall or eliminate their growth. Although we are aware there is no "Cure" for Melanoma we are looking for time and will never rule out hope. Faith continues to give us hope and with that we continue to look for opportunities that may help destroy or hamper this disease.

Aleisha is still fighting. She sleeps alot, she has fatigue when she is awake. Her IBS has given her some more problems (back to the dr again for more options) but she still fights.

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