Monday, July 19, 2010

updates post surgery!

Surgery went very well (July 7) at OSU. There was a blood clot at the end of one of the brain lesions that was dying from the Gamma knife in Janaury. It was thought that the surgery would take 3 hours but everyone was pleasantly suprised when the surgeon contacted us after an hour with good news. She had been having epidsodes of headaches, forgettfulness and inability to finish a sentence. This was because the clot was blocking off the spinal fluid due to swelling and increased intracranial pressures. When the surgeon made the incision to remove the clot, the pressure was so great the clot emerged with the dead lesion attached. He then removed both quite easily. She did well after, transferred to the SICU for close monitoring and then went home 2 days later. We were all very thrilled with the outcome and hope that this was the reason for all the neuro changes....... She continues to rest and improve at is the most important at this time which will give the swelling time to decrease the brain a chance to catch up. Thank you all for your prayer and well wishes during this time. It meant a great deal to all of the family. It is hard to say how thankful we all are to those who are with us in this fight. Aleisha is one brave person and she is truly a fighter!

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  1. I've been SO waiting for an update. Hope things are going well. Praying in Maryland.