Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today she needs your prayers

Happy 42nd Birthday Aleisha (7/6/10)

Aleisha had a seizure Saturday night. She was vomiting (from the chemo) and then just started seizing. They rushed her to the hospital and a few hours later she woke up. They were not really sure what caused it. She does have cerebral palsy, so they thought it could be that. They had planned to do a CT this week of her brain to see if the cancer was spreading more. Then early this morning she had another. So now they are rushing her to Ohio State University, which is a huge cancer research hospital she has been going to about and hour and a half away from her home. My mom told me the doctors are really worried there is bleeding on the brain, but we won't know until they run more tests.

Please keep Aleisha in your prayers today.


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