Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MRI Update

Saturday, March 27-Zach's Birthday

Celebrating their youngest son's (Zachary) Birthday is a joyous event. What a true blessing to have family and friends present. So many times we plan the event and enjoy it. But these particular moments in life are treasures. When a mom has cancer, she thinks often of what would happen if she weren't here to celebrate. That just was not so today....We were all there....and Zachy was one.

Monday, March 29

"Thank you Lord!"
Those were the first words out of most of the members of our family after we received the
news of the Brain MRI on this past Monday! NO NEW LESIONS!!One is still present and it has a enlarged, but there is a chance that the enlargement is from hemorhage and that it may absorb. So another MRI in early June. Gosh what a blessing and wonderful wonderful news. I don't think Aleisha could have been more happy! What a gift and a glorious day it was!! We will take it and continue the battle.

Now our family learns to live with cancer. Although we continue to pray for a miracle, we will learn to cope and find strength when we need it to fight this disease. But the good news today is going to keep us all smiling for as long as we can!


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